About us

Working with 1 in 3 colleges and universities, CertifiedBackground.com provides background screening, drug testing and immunization record tracking solutions for more than 1,600 schools nationwide. For more than 15 years, CertifiedBackground.com has been working with educational departments, admissions & housing departments and HR departments — providing affordable screening solutions for the entire campus community.

Schools turn to us — and stay with us — because of our expertise and user-friendly solutions not offered by other providers. Furthermore, we understand the budgetary concerns of colleges and universities and strive to offer the best screening solutions, at the lowest prices.

We are the exclusive provider of student background checks to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

CertifiedProfile is compliant with all rules and regulations governing background screening processes and student record management, including the FCRA, FERPA, The Joint Commission and HCA requirements.

Company Leadership

We know you, now get to know us. CertifiedBackground.com has built its reputation on providing colleges and universities with innovative background screening solutions. Our leadership team is comprised of passionate, motivated individuals who work tirelessly to learn more about your school’s specific needs. Here’s your chance to learn even more about them.

Joe Finley, President

As an original founder of CertifiedBackground.com, Joe has helped the company grow to become a standalone leader in the industry. He has seen the evolution of clinical and field experience requirements as they affect the academic community and has been instrumental in shaping a solid foundation for student background check, drug testing and immunization record tracking and review solutions.

Michelle Kiesecker, Director of Client Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in customer service and business management, Michelle spent four years as the CertifiedBackground.com Client Relations Manager to become your Director of Client Solutions. Her mission as your advocate is to closely connect with you through face to face visits to better understand your needs. Michelle takes what she learns on the road and ensures that our products and services exceed your expectations, and if not, initiates solutions that will.

Derric Becker, Vice President of Strategic Relations

Derric is an original founder and is intimately involved in developing the innovative tools that make the student background screening process easier for you and your students. Derric and his team devote their time to developing new products and services based on your feedback. Currently his team is expanding on a highly sought after solution for orientation and competency assessment management.

Sharon Di Bona, Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Sharon oversees the entire client experience, from order placement to user support. With nearly 20 years in customer service and operational management, her dedication to continued process improvements have been instrumental in making our processes what they are today. Sharon’s initiatives have made your order process more efficient, reduced turnaround times and streamlined the review and share capabilities of our online system.

Mike Kenney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mike spent three years in Business Development before transitioning into Sales and Marketing. As your first point of contact, Mike ensures that the Sales Department is armed with the knowledge and tools to provide you with the best combination of products and services, tailored specifically to meet your needs, at the most affordable prices.

Kelli Davis, Chief Information Officer

Formerly a college instructor, Kelli spent a summer with us as part of a research project, and never left. Kelli is responsible for seeing that our company’s vision, from new products developed by Derric’s team to process improvements initiated by Sharon and her team, is programmed to work efficiently and securely within our systems.



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