Designed to enhance the overall academic experience, CertifiedProfile is your students’ companion for ordering background checks and drug tests, uploading immunization records and other documents, completing program and clinical or field experience requirements and simply staying organized.

CertifiedProfile is available absolutely free of charge to all students attending a client school. And the complimentary iPhone App allows your students to take advantage of everything CertifiedProfile has to offer, while on the go.

Best of all, CertifiedProfile is able to offer your students exclusive discounts on items such as study aides, medical supplies and apparel and immunization record fulfillment. CertifiedProfile to continue to evolve to new and exciting products, features and special offers in response to the needs of you and your students.


Time & Money Saving Features

Immunization Assistant

Immunization Assistant walks your students through the process of fulfilling immunization record or healthcare documentation requirements, helping to answer questions and reduce the time it takes to complete requirements. We’ll first assist your students in determining whether they need a blood draw for a titer, or an immunization. Based on their needs, we’ll provide cost-effective immunization and titer services at convenient locations across the country.

With CertifiedProfile managing the whole immunization process, your students will be able to easily fulfill requirements, and you’ll spend less time fielding their questions and waiting for records.

To-Do List

User-friendly To-Do Lists allow your students to view and fulfill clinical or field experience requirements in easy-to-read lists, while automated email reminders keep them on track.

Tools for Student-Life and Beyond

Document Center

The Document Center gives students an easily accessible area to store important school, work or personal documents, such as resumes, transcripts or student loan information. This secure format
reduces the chance that documents will be lost or damaged.

Portfolio Builder

The Portfolio Builder lets students easily combine multiple documents, such as a resume and letters of reference, into a professional-looking and easy-to-share PDF.

iPhone App

The exclusive CertifiedProfile iPhone App gives students access to all of the features of  CertifiedProfile on-the-go. Students have anytime, anywhere access to all the features of CertifiedProfile, including all of their stored documents, profile information and resume builder. Students can fulfill To-Do Lists, take pictures of documents for upload and receive messages from administrators—directly from their iPhone.

Special Offers

With the combined purchasing power of half a million CertifiedProfile student users, we have found ways to provide your students with the products and services they need at very competitive prices. Through CertifiedProfile, your students will have unique access to vetted liability insurance providers and Elsevier study aides, such as Mosby’s NCLEX-RN, Pathophysiology, and Anatomy & Physiology Review Cards, at reduced pricing.

Reference Center

The Reference Center gives students the tools to request and store both personal and professional references. Students may create a customized questionnaire for prospective references or simply invite them to submit their own, which are returned via their CertifiedProfile account.

Profile Share

Profile Share lets students easily share resumes, references or other documents stored in their Document Center, securely with school administrators, prospective employers or whomever they choose. Students can control how long others are allowed access to their specified documents, further securing their personal information.



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