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Stay up to date on background screening in the news. From proposed state laws to case stories, keeps you connected with nationwide background screening topics and discussions.

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Background checks needed on campus - The Massachusetts Community College Executive Office says it has no plans to change procedures after and incident at a local community college.

New law requires school board members to undergo checks - A new state law will require school board members in New Jersey to undergo criminal background checks and bar those convicted of certain crimes from serving.

UT System to Look at RA Guidelines Across State - Other University of Tennessee campuses will look at the recent guidelines put in place at UTC for Resident Assistants, to see if they will implement the new rules.

Background checks become mandatory - In response to a former resident assistant's recent felony charges, the University will begin conducting background checks on all resident assistants.

Dougherty County school officials on employee background checks - Because recent charges of sexual misconduct involving Dougherty County School System officials, all employees are required to undergo two background checks.

The Background Check Debate - Some institutions take background checks very seriously and find them essential while others question the accuracy and discriminatory aspects of not admitting students with a criminal past.

Metro School Volunteers Subject To Background Checks - The Davidson County public school system started criminal background checks for parent volunteers, and they don't have to pay out-of-pocket costs.

Background Checks for School Visitors Upheld - School visitors must undergo a background check to gain access to secure areas such as hallways and classrooms.

OSU to alter hiring policies in wake of shooting - Ohio State University officials plan to change several hiring policies by early next year. Two of the five recommended changes deal with background checks.

Blind Spot - Background checks may help eliminate blind spots when it comes to monitoring mid- and upper-level managers within colleges and universities.

Experts Debate Over Criminal Background Checks For College Applicants - Are self-disclosure questions enough to keep students safe?

Probing Students' Pasts - The NC system begins requiring all 16 of its college campuses to conduct criminal background checks on students whose records raise red flags.

Should Colleges Perform Criminal Background Checks? - A new survey reveals that two-thirds of colleges take into account applicants' criminal pasts. in the News Launches New Scholarship Program - AACN November 2010 News Watch - is committing $200,000 over five years to the new AACN Scholarship Program that will distribute eight scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each year from 2011 through 2015. Joins With AACN To Launch A New Scholarship For Students In Baccalaureate And Graduate Nursing Programs - will distribute eight scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each year from 2011 through 2015.

More Schools Using Checks - UCF interviews employees on the importance of student background checks.

Should College Applicants Get Background Checks? - VP of Sales, Joe Finley, brings light to the growing number of colleges and universities conducting background checks.

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