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Solutions for Your Organization specializes in background screening and drug testing solutions for colleges and universities, contractor services and volunteer organizations.'s flexible service allows organizations to select from a wide variety of search options to create a background check package that meets an organization's specific needs.

Students, contractors, volunteers and applicants order and pay for background checks and drug tests using our secure online system. Should your organization choose to pay for the background checks, the flexible plan can be adjusted easily. Once background checks are complete, applicants and organizations may view results securely online using a unique username and password.

Colleges & Universities provides thousands of colleges and universities nationwide with the tools to ensure student safety and policy compliance. Whether required by the college or university, an outside organization such as a hospital or school district, a regulatory organization or government agency, provides an easy to use solution. now offers the best immunization record tracking system in the country. Student Immunization Tracker is a secure web-based document management system that makes managing student immunization records simple. Students conveniently upload, mail or fax their immunization records. Records are securely stored online where both the student and the school can view them. offers the Student Badge, a portable, tamper-proof badge that ensures background check compliance at a glance. Badges are accepted anywhere students wish to share background check information. From clinical sites to volunteer activities to job internships, the Student Badge goes with them, saving the student time and money. also offers flexible, affordable and convenient drug testing for students. provides a network of over 11,000 collection sites nationwide.

Contractor Services Contractor Screening (CBCS) is designed for organizations that rely on or manage private contractors and temporary employees. CBCS offers background screening and drug testing services for independent contractors, temporary workers, consultants, strategic partners and vendors who often have access to secure areas and sensitive information. Contractor Screening offers a badging system that ensures compliance and safety at a glance. The CBCS Contractor Badge provides easily recognizable and tamper-proof badges that provide the ability to monitor contingent workers quickly.

By coordinating the process from start to finish, CBCS Drug Testing service enables your company to establish drug-free requirements for your contingent workforce without the administrative burden. We offer a flexible, affordable and convenient program to guarantee a drug-free workplace.

Volunteer Organizations

Many organizations now require background checks for all active volunteers. As volunteers increasingly are required to undergo background checks, has developed a background screening solution designed specifically for organizations and their volunteers. offers a boldly designed, tamper-proof Volunteer Badge which provides organizations, hospitals and clinical sites with the ability quickly to monitor volunteer compliance with standardized badges. offers flexible, affordable and convenient drug testing for volunteers. provides a network of over 11,000 collection sites nationwide.
How will make your job easier
  • eliminates the administrative burden by coordinating the background check process from start to finish.
  • will assist you in creating a customized background check package for your applicants.
  • Applicants order their own background checks securely on the site.
  • Administrators and applicants can access results easily online 24 hours a day.
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