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Drug Testing offers flexible, affordable and convenient drug testing for your students. As with student background checks, the student funded system allows students to pay for their drug tests using our secure, online system. Should a college or university choose to pay for background checks, the flexible plan can be adjusted easily.

Form free drug testing also is available through In a typical drug test, schools must distribute pre-printed Custody and Control forms to each of their students. With's paperless drug testing, we eliminate the administrative burden. Schools register their students for drug tests online and receive an email with a unique registration number for each student and directions to the nearest drug testing location. Schools simply forward this email directly to the student, no paperwork is needed. offers 5, 7, 9 and 10 panel tests as well as the Expanded Healthcare Professionals Panel. Drug Testing service is nationally accredited by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).

To locate a drug testing facility, visit Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp.

Features and Benefits:

Accessibility and Convenience - provides a network of over 11,000 collection sites nationwide. A testing facility can be reached easily from any campus in the United States. We offer online drug testing reporting on our secure website, available 24 hours a day.

Comprehensive - Drug test results are processed by qualified technicians in nationally certified laboratories throughout the country. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) consults with any student that tests positive to verify if there is a valid medical explanation. Complete and accurate results are typically available within 24-48 hours.

Integrity - All drug tests are completely confidential and available only to the student and the school requiring the tests. Students can be confident that results will never be viewed by unwanted outside sources.

Simplicity - Drug testing methods include the oral fluid test, urinalysis, blood and hair tests. An oral fluid test is conducted by simply swabbing the inside cheek of an student and sending the sample overnight to our lab. The blood, urine and hair tests can be performed at most of our 11,000 collection sites.

Compliance - Evidence that students are free of illegal substances is a requirement of many healthcare facilities. With, healthcare sites and schools can be assured that students are upholding their obligation to be drug-free.

Form Free Drug Testing - offers the utmost in convenience and efficiency through paperless drug testing, available in conjunction with select LabCorp locations nationwide.

How will make your job easier
  • eliminates the administrative burden by coordinating the background check process from start to finish.
  • will assist you in creating a customized background check package for your students.
  • Students order their own background checks securely on the site.
  • Administrators and students can access results easily online 24 hours a day.
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