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CertifiedProfile was created in response to the many requests from students for a secure online space to store and manage their educational, professional and personal information. CertifiedProfile is a unique tool from designed to help students more easily navigate the transition from student to professional.

In addition to the student advantages of CertifiedProfile, allows administrators the ability to communicate with students quickly and easily, while conveniently reviewing and tracking completed orientation requirements online. This greatly reduces the countless hours of administrative time spent managing paper records and communicating orientation requirements to students.

Together, CertifiedProfile and provide orientation management and communication solutions for both students and administrators.

Benefits for Students

Document Center

Students can upload, manage and store background check and drug testing results, immunization, medical record and certification requirements, clinical paperwork and any other important information while setting reminders for document and certification expirations.

Reference Center

Students can request patient, personal and professional references through CertifiedProfile and then store and share them as they are collected.

Student Profile Sharing

Students can grant access of specified profile content to administrators, clinical coordinators and future employers for a set period of time.

Benefits for Administrators

To-do List Tracking

Students easily view and fulfill all requirements through CertifiedProfile. Administrators can upload and track the progress of program entrance and orientation requirements. Students view requirements in an easy-to-read list and automated email reminders are sent to keep them on track.

Communication Center

Administrators can communicate with custom rosters of students and send these specific groups of students customized messages. Messages will be sent to students through CertifiedProfile, giving them the ability to view and manage all administrator communicated information in one secure online location.

How will make your job easier
  • eliminates the administrative burden by coordinating the background check process from start to finish.
  • will assist you in creating a customized background check package for your students.
  • Students order their own background checks securely on the site.
  • Administrators and students can access results easily online 24 hours a day.
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